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The Importance towards Child Development

Child development is often referred to as the ‘golden phase’ in the overall timeline of an individual’s development. Over years it has significantly grown in importance amongst the research and medical fraternity, when discussing individual health & wellbeing.

From a local perspective, there is a need for further awareness and exposure towards emphasizing the importance of child development particularly to the younger parents, thus presenting an opportunity to ensure that positive child development becomes an integral part of society.

The term development in this context, embraces aspects of differentiation of form which includes those driven by genetic endowment (genetically inherent) and those driven of function. Development is lifelong and change is apparent throughout an individual’s lifespan. Development is multidirectional, where an individual might show gains in certain areas of development while showing loss in other areas. Development is also multidimensional, focused mainly around three main dimensions which are:

  • The Physical Domain - includes physical and bodily changes, changes in gross and fine motor skills, sensory capabilities, the nervous system as well as venerability towards disease and illness.
  • The Cognitive Domain- encompasses the changes in intelligence, wisdom, perception, problem- solving, memory and language apprehension.
  • The Social & Emotional Domain – encompasses changes in emotion, self-perception, and interpersonal relationships predominantly with families, peers and friends.

Studies have showed, that early childhood is a time when development changes are happening.  Child Development can be categorized into 5 stages:

  • Prenatal Development (conception through birth)
  • Infancy & Toddlerhood (birth – 2 years)
  • Early Childhood (3-5 years)
  • Middle Childhood (6-11 years)
  • Adolescence (12 years to adulthood)

For most children this is the time when the brain develops, where the experiences and relationships that a child has coupled with their nutrition intake and overall health can have profound and lasting effect for their future. Positive experiences can help a child develop in healthy ways and negate the emotional and behavioural problems as the develop and grow.

At RETRUVIA, we specialize in providing optimal care for all the 5 categories of the child development phases highlighted above. Our specially designed programs and individual sessions incorporate:

  • Physical Development - Play Time & Physical Activities
  • Enhancing cognitive skills
  • ADL (Activity Daily Living Skills)
  • Socialization Skills
  • Pre School-Readiness

Our approach is not only unique but also technology driven with the utilization of state-of- the-art tools such as Blink.Pro & Matti which will further allow us to ensure that our children get the best care possible.

In summary, the early development of cognitive skills, emotional wellbeing, social competence, strong physical and mental health, will build a strong foundation for success for any child progress into adult years. Children are the future of our society and they deserve the best possible start to ensure solid development towards a promising future.

Prepared by:

Child Development Department, Retruvia

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